Rachel Zoe tries to silence spouse

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Rachel Zoe constantly has to find “the polite way” to tell her husband to shut up.

The stylist-and-designer has been married to Rodger Berman since 1996 and he is the president of her company. For the most part their working relationship is good, although he has some habits which drive her crazy.

“He talks over everybody and talks too much so then you have to figure out the polite and political way in a meeting to tell him to stop talking and let other people speak,” she explained to forbes.com.

Rachel and her husband have two-year-old son Skyler together and she is currently expecting their second child. In her reality TV show The Rachel Zoe Project she was seen struggling with the idea of parenthood as it would mean a total change to the way she worked.

Becoming a mother did change everything – not least that the stylist now realises her job isn’t the most important thing in her life.

“You can think like, ‘Oh tomorrow I have 18 work things that I need to do,’ and then Skyler wakes up with 104 fever and the entire day changes and my office comes to my house and I do most of my meetings via phone or Skype or whatever because I am not leaving my sick child,” she explained.

“I try to compartmentalise as much as possible and I have the most amazing team in the world. They really set up my time in a way that is completely efficient all the time.”

Rachel Zoe covers her very slim body wearing a body wrapping dress to add volume

In the picture Rachel Zoe attends the Second Annual Baby2Baby Gala at the Book Bindery on November 9, 2013 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) Rachel covered her body with a body wrapping dress to distract the attention that her super skinny body would create.

Rachel released her first high-end clothing line in 2011 and is proud of how well it has been received. It has a high price point which was a decision she specifically made, although further down the line she might revise things.

“By definition it is ‘contemporary’. I am not in ‘designer’. I am not even in ‘young designer’. In my mind it was a good place to start and probably a few years down the road I will go a bit lower in price point,” she said. “I think it is much easier to go to a lower price point from higher than it is to go from lower to higher.”

Rachel Zoe is famous for being the personal stylist of the stars. Later in her career she got herself into fashion design.

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