Real Australian Beauty at My Kitchen Rules

I know My Kitchen Rules is about cooking and a bit of soup opera but I like to admire the real and natural beauty of the participants. We get to see real Australian Beauties without surgeries or retouches. The ladies of course get the help of make up, after all they are on television and they like to look pretty but their natural features are totally exposed.

We have a variety of beauties in the program that have different backgrounds. They are just normal men and women with different looks and personality styles who love cooking but also show a lot of how diverse Australians are.

Asian Girls in MKR:  Sophia Pou and Ashlee Pham

Sophia Pou and Ashlee Pham are 2 beautiful Asian LAdies that appear in My Kitchen Rules.

Italian Girls Beauty at MKR: Angela and Melina

Angela and Melina: The Italian Housewives at MKR

I like that we don’t see cosmetic surgeries, reshaped noses and perfect teeth. This is how the majority of women are like in Australia. We have slim bodies, women with extra kilos, crooked teeth, Asian Women, Italian Women, Arabic Women, Indian Ladies, Aussie True Blue Gals and much more.

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