Is It Real that these Stars Have Got Cosmetic Surgery or maybe the Rumours Are as Fake as their Implants!

When it comes to celebrities we all tend to believe that their beauty is not real. Yes, we all know that most of them have to through the knife to achieve the Hollywood beauty standards that they are supposed to have to be considered beauty icons but the truth is that many of those beautiful woman are naturally beautiful.

What happens is that when we see them again they have changed or they looked transformed. It is true, celebrities loves transformations and makeovers, they always want to look gorgeous and fashionable but most of the times it is not the knife the one to blame. Let’s not forget that these starlets’s job is is to beautiful so they have to invest their money in looking fantastic and they can have access to the best professionals that would help them show their best.

Teresa Palmer creates rumours of boob job with this low cut dress

Teresa Palmer creates rumours of boob job with this low cut dress

From image consultants and expensive personal stylists to celebrity hairdressers and make up artists some times are the ones in charge of the transformation.

Most of the beautiful and famous stars would not talk about their surgical procedures though, it is their job to create the fantasy of being forever young, slim and sexy.

In many cases what happens is that the stars look different in pictures and then the especulations about plastic surgery arise like the case of JEssica Mauboy who was seen at the AACTA showing of perky breasts so now everybody is thinking she got implants.

Jessica Mauboy & The Saphires Girl Showing off breasts



However…. I do believe that if there are rumours there might be something behind. Today I received all these many questions about ‘rumours’ of the stars who have had a plastic surgery. This is what the people say. In most cases we just have pictures so you can compare their before and after snaps and then you can make up your mind and decide if they have or have not gone through an expensive cosmetic procedure.

Let’s go one by one so we can have a thought together…

  1. Helen Flannagan Boob Job
  2. Natalia Imbruglia
  3. Anna Gunn Plastic Surgery
  4. amanda peet teeth surgery.
  5. nicki minaj before and after
  6. Maria Menounos has got work done on her nose
  7. chloe sims before surgery.
  8. Felicity Huffman’s boobs have got silicone
  9. has Maggie q had facial surgery.
  10. samaire armstrong implants.
  11. Has Sofia Veragara had work done.
  12. abigail breslin plastic surgery.
  13. Courtney Stoden has got cosmetic surgery or dermal fillers on her face
  14. Rose Byrne tiny nose is not fake
  15. Claire Danes’s nose has been reshaped or why it looks different
  16. amanda seyfried boob job.
  17. big ugly noses pictures.
  18. hundreds were shocked when nicki minaj accidentally showed.
  19. emily vancamp breast implants.
  20. zooey deschanel nose job
  21. scarlett Johansson had a breast reduction
  22. Kerry Washington nose before
  23. Emma Booth’s beauty is not fake
  24. Olivia Wilde Boob Job
  25. jillian harris before and after nose job.
  26. YVONNE STRAHOVSKI looks somehow fake
  27. Nancy O’Dell Plastic Surgery
  28. Gemma Arterton Botox
  29. maggie grace boobs size has increased
  30. lacey chabert boob job.
  31. ana beatriz plastic surgery.
  32. jennifer carpenter nose job.
  33. rosie jones breast implants.
  34. penelope cruz breast implants.
  35. alessandra ambrosio tummy tuck.
  36. nicole kidman cheek implants.
  37. Miranda Cosgrove an inspiration for Asian nose plastic surgery
  38. katie cassidy plastic surgery
  39. jacqueline Fernandez
  40. Angela Kinsey Breast Implants
  41. Sara Rue have got implants
  42. Sarah Hyland Boob Job
  43. Sarah Hyland Boob Job
  44. Vanessa Marcil Plastic Surgery
  45. Valeri Tian Cosmetic Surgery
  46.   dana delany plastic surgery before after.
  47. Jessica Mauboy weight loss and plastic surgery
  48. Kate Middleton Cosmetic Work
  49. Julie Andrews face has got facial surgery
  50. Charisma Carpenter did something to get bustier
  51. Denise Milani got a different breast implants size
  52. Lady Gaga Rhinoplasty
  53. Anne Hathaway got a breast reduction
  54. Stana Katic got cosmetic surgery
  55. Nicole Kidman nose job
  56.  portia de rossi plastic surgery before and after
  57. Liberty Ross cosmetic surgeries
  58. Estella Warren had plastic surgery
  59. Jennifer Lawrence has had a boob job
  60. Sophie Turner had a surgery
  61. Andrea Bowen went under the knife
  62. Natasha Henstridge got implants
  63. Carla Gugino had breast implants
  64. Denise Milani has smaller boobs
  65. Lea Michelle has got a scar in her forehead
  66. Christina Riccie has got a mole on her chin
  67. natalie gruzlewski enlarged her bra size
  68. Katy Perry has got pretty breast implants
  69. Kate Upton’s Breasts are pretty fake
  70. Julianne Hough has got plastic surgery in her face
  71. Diana Agron has got a boob job
  72. Mila Jocovich’s beauty real or fake
  73. Danielle Spencer plastic surgery
  74. Alice Eve has never had a tummy tuck
  75. Karen Gillan’s beauty is all natural
  76. Cheryl Cole had a makeover
  77. Kathleen Robinson’s plastic surgeries are only a myth
  78. Gemma Arterton got stretchmarks when she got breast implants
  79. Fergie’s Boobs are fake
  80. Katie Cassidy has a breast surgery
  81. Adrienne Bailon’s Nose has changed
  82. Mia Wasikowski’s breasts don’t have implants
  83. Donna Air’s beauty is natural
  84. Kim Kardashian’s breasts have gone through mammoplasty
  85. Jamie Chung has got breast implants
  86. Emma Stone’s beauty doesn’t have surgeries
  87. Alexa Vega had a nose plastic surgery
  88. did taraji p. henson have a nose job
  89. Gina Gershon has had multiple surgeries
  90. Salma Hayek’s Breasts were not as big as they are now
  91. Miranda Kerr’s nose is natural
  92. Alice Braga has cosmetic surgeries
  93. Victoria Beckham’s awful boobs are of course round and fake
  94. Thalia has had some surgical procedures to look the way she does now
  95. Tom Cruise Teeth were horrible before orthodontical treatment
  96. Alicia Witt has got breast implants
  97. Jessica Alba’s before and after pictures suggest she has had a boob job, her nose was different + she got super skinny after having a baby without a sign of pregnancy so probably she had a tummy tuck
  98. chrissie swan big breasts have cosmetic surgery
  99. Julia Roberts didn’t get a tummy tuck
  100. Debby Ryans breasts look like she has silicone
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