Real Women Showing Belly Fat at Dr. Oz + 5 Step Plan to Reduce your Tummy

Real Women dared to attend the show of Dr. Oz wearing a crop top.

The interesting thing is that these women are women with different body types and sizes. Many of these ladies struggled with the decision of flaunting their abs because they are big women with big stomachs.

Women Showing their Belly Fat at Dr Oz

Many of these ladies were interviewed by Dr Oz and we got to see lots of tears from the ladies who feel bad about themselves, the participating ladies confessed that they don’t want to be this big. These women shared their stories of how hard it is for them to burn the excess fat even when they work out.

Dr Oz shows an example of Body Fat on his Show

Dr Oz explained that he wants all women to burn this excess fat because it is not good for our health.

To make it more graphic and send a deeper message of how much fat we store in our bodies the super popular doctor exhibited a large piece of fat that is similar to what a woman with the size of the lady above stores in her body.

How Much Fat do we store in our stomach | Dr Oz Shows

To be honest it is very impressive to see that amount of body fat this graphic.

'Fat' Woman in a crop top cries at Dr Oz for her excess fat

This explains why it is so hard to burn that excess fat.

Excess Weight is an emotional issue for women

One thing that I could observe during the program is that Weight Loss is very emotional issue for women. The shape of our bodies really affect us, it has self-esteem, self-confidence and deeper psychological implications.

100s Women with Big Stomach Show their Bodies at Doctor OZ TV Show

Measuring yourself was part of the recommendations that this Celebrity Doctor gave. I believe this is not a very good idea because we all have different body types and there is no standard measurement. This can also be very de-motivating and even depressive for women when their sizes are much larger than the ideal measurement that the doctor suggested.

100s Women with Big Stomach Show their Bodies at Doctor OZ TV Show

Dr Oz’s style is to make a fun and interesting program with a message. In these messages the health professional suggested 5 Steps to be followed to burn the excess fat.

The 5 Steps suggested by Dr OZ are:

1. Eat dinner for breakfast (i.e., eat more calories in the morning than late at night)
2. Have a glass of red wine daily
3. Get 25 grams of mixed fiber daily: psyllium husk, oranges, bananas, Kashi cereals.
4. Use a belly band (aka tape measure) to get your waist under 32″: inexpensive on ebay.
5. Confuse your muscles (aka mix it up: Tuesdays for arms and Fridays for legs dumbbells; a few weeks later, use kettle bells or resistance bands; a few weeks later, pilates)

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