How to: Get red lips right

Get red lips right. Red Lips Never Out of Fashion.


Red lipstick never goes out of fashion, which is somewhat annoying seeing as it’s so hard to find your perfect shade. Almost every woman will have laboured over the tubes of colour in the drugstore, settled on their perfect match and then got home to find it really does nothing for them. To help, we’ve compiled a list to assist you in finding your Holy Grail red lipstick, as well as some tips to make it look as good on you as possible.

Many people make the mistake of matching their lip shade to their hair, but it’s actually your skin tone you need to consider. Pale ladies look best with a red that has a blue undertone, while those with a medium or olive complexion need to head for deeper shades with brown or orange bases.

If you have dark skin, a pinkish red will really pop when you wear it. You can also go for a shiny version or even a gloss if you want all-out glamour.

Always think about how bright the shade you’re going for is, too. Obviously bold shades will pop more if you have a porcelain complexion, so it’s important to go for the right base notes and the correct shade. For example, a bold red/orange will really stand out if you’re pale, while on darker skins it’ll look more subdued.

Exfoliate your lips before trying this trend as it will show up any dry skin like nothing else. Red lips can also make teeth look yellow, so if you’re worried about that, opt for a one with a blue undertone to cancel it out.

It’s also important to think about the rest of your make-up. Everyone knows it’s best to keep eyes to a minimum when going for a bold lip, but that doesn’t mean you should leave them alone completely. Try applying a thin eyeliner flick, curling lashes and coating in black mascara. You’ll also need some colour on your cheeks so you don’t look washed out, but here choice is key. Stick within the colour range of your lips, so an orangey red will look good with a coral or apricot blush, whereas a pinker lip colour can wear a matching blush. Pink blushers also look good with true red lip colours or if you’re feeling really brave, opt for a red cheek too.

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