Reese’s Dream Dress

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 12 Jan 2014. A gorgeous dress in a dream.


Reese Witherspoon’s stylist came up with her Golden Globes dress in a dream.

Leslie Fremar had the gorgeous turquoise colour of Reese’s gown come to her while she was sleeping, then she tasked Calvin Klein with creating it.

The collaboration took a month to come together, with a final dress fitting on the morning of the awards on Sunday.

“I love the colour. I love the fit. I felt like it was very modern. It was moving forward for her in terms of fashion,” Leslie told People magazine. “I feel like it all came together like I wanted it to.”

While it was Leslie’s idea, Reese came up with some suggestions for the dress herself like the racer back detail.

Reese was so involved with the collaboration that her joy at wearing it on the night was clear .

“You could see it in her face, that she just felt really good in it,” Leslie added. “It was a collaboration and it really came together. Everyone was happy.”

The look and theme didn’t just stop at the dress however.

Leslie also had Reese’s shoes custom made by Christian Louboutin, who dyed the heels to match the dress exactly.

“I had them dye the colour of her dress, because I didn’t want any break in colour,” Leslie explained.

“I sent them [a swatch] and they made the shoes to match,” she added.

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