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Artfully undone tresses were the talk of the Spring/Summer 14 fashion shows.

From Christopher Kane and Jill Stuart to Alexander Wang and Mulberry, tousled locks ruled the runway.

But what’s the best way to master a dazzlingly dishevelled hair do?

“I’m a big fan of this unkempt look,” raves session hair stylist Jenny Moreno.

“The hair at Mulberry is a perfect example of how to work that effortlessly chic look.

“But rocking a bed head is actually more difficult than you might think.

“Yes, some people only need to leap out of bed and their hair is catwalk-ready but for most of us, unstructured tresses require a bit of creativity.”

Here are Jenny’s top tips for creating superstar undone locks.

1. For best results, wash your hair a couple of days before you want to rock the dishevelled look. Texture is really important if you want to have an authentic tousled style. If your hair is prone to getting a bit greasy at the roots, simply give it a blast with some dry shampoo and that should sort it out.

2. The night before, plait your hair into a loose braid at the back of your head and sleep with it in. When you wake up, release your hair from the braid and use your fingers to muss it up a bit.

3. To add a bit of extra volume, use a texturising product – I love Bumble & bumble Surf Spray – to give an added oomph.

4. Finally, apply a lightweight hair serum to the ends of the hair. This will give your overall look a beautifully polished appeal.

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