Retouched Beauty: Drew Barrimore at Allure

Do you think retouched pictures are fair?

I think retouched pictures are not fair for the women who are posing and for the women who look at them. In the case of the famous women they send an image of a person that doesn’t exist. Images that have been edited with Photoshop show a different person.

The trends in beauty make editors get the ‘perfect woman’ image what in many cases is not really fair with the natural beauty of the woman who has been photographed and the rest of the world gets the idea that those women are perfectly beautiful.

It is not fair for women who are not famous to believe that these celebrities are close to perfect.

This is Drew Barrimore photoshopped by Allure.

She certainly looks pretty. We have to remember thought that these glossy mags are in the entertainment industry so they like to create fantasies so we can feel interested in their mags. I have observed however that little by little people prefer pictures of woman that are more natural.

This is Drew Barrimore without make up and without photoshop. Can you see how different she looks.

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