Ricci’s Figurative Fragrance

Nina Ricci show, Autumn Winter 2013, Paris Fashion Week, France - 28 Feb 2013. La Tentation de Nina

Nina Ricci’s new fragrance is “really very figurative”.

The designer’s latest scent is called La Tentation de Nina, which translates as The Temptation of Nina. It’s a limited edition offering, which comes in a bottle shaped like an apple with a bite taken from it, with a matching macaroon also available.

The perfume includes notes of almond, rose, lemon and raspberry and pastry chef Vincent Lemains ensured the confectionary had ingredients to match.

“In four seconds the flavours fuse,” Firmenich perfumer Olivier Cresp told WWD. “It’s really very figurative.”

The two men worked together on the macaroon and are thrilled with the result, which comes complete with a gold leaf on top.

The first of the fashion house’s fragrances hit stores in 2006 and they are all centred on the idea of the forbidden fruit.

Olivier took the original offering as a base when creating the new perfume, then added in some new notes. Among them are bergamot, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood, white musk, rose absolute and grapefruit.

The scent will be available from January in France and will roll out to other countries over the next five months. The majority of places will be able to buy it by February 14.

A 50ml bottle will cost around $79, with a larger size also expected to be on offer. The macaroons can be bought in boxes of 14, coming in at $75. A smaller carton of eight is also available for $44, plus a matching candle, which is $77.

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