Ricki Lee: Australia’s Top 6 Hot Celeb in Maxim

From ordinary to top 6 in Maxim’s magazine.

Ricki-Lee is not only a very successful singer, she has become an Australian beauty icon.

Maxim magazine has given her number 6 in the list of Australia’s Hottest Women 2012.

Being number 6 means that she is nearly as popular as Miranda Kerr, Delta Godrem and Jessica Hawkins.

I believe that Ricki-Lee’s story is very inspiring. She became famous because of her talent as a singer. Singing came first and later beauty. RL has also worked hard on her body shape to lose the excess weight that she had when we met her at Australian Idol.

Now Ricki-Lee has money and personal stylist who give the Aussie beauty the best advice on how to look gorgeous.

Have a look to her before and after pictures.

Ricki-Lee has changed her hair colour and her overall style to achieve the beauty standards of the Entertainment industry.

Ricki-Lee Now and Before

I don’t think Ricki-Lee has gone through plastic surgery yet. On the image of her in red we can see that she has got fake eyelashes. About her breasts she was busty even before her big fame. I do think that the Aussie singer who became more famous after The Voice Australia is very pretty.

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Did you know Julia Guilard is on that list too?

This is another before and after picture of Ricki-Lee

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