Same Rights for Women

Robert F. Kennedy Center For Justice And Human Rights 2013 Ripple Of Hope Awards Dinner. Tory Burch Fights for Women


Tory Burch says she’s not a feminist, but does support women’s issues.

The American designer is a self-made billionaire, and counts Michelle Obama, Jessica Alba and Blake Lively as celebrity clients.

The celebrated fashion designer is also a mother of three, and says it’s important for women to be treated as equals to men.

“While I wouldn’t use the word feminist, because I don’t see that as word for now, I support women’s issues. In a big way. It’s so important to help each other. When people aren’t being treated equally, something needs to be done,” she told Britain’s Grazia magazine.

The problem for Tory is that it isn’t just obstacles put up by men that are the problem.

She says women also suffer from a lack of belief, and that needs to change to make gender equality even greater.

“Women don’t believe in themselves the way they should and they apologise a lot. They often want to get everyone to like them – for me it should be about the work, not anything other than that.

“And if women can get to a place where they ask for what they deserve – whether it’s pay or a promotion – they are on the right path. Women should be just as ambitious as men,” she expressed.

Tory started her eponymous fashion label in 2004, and the company now includes more than 100 stores worldwide.

Tory thinks that the reason behind her label’s success is down to her designing “beautiful things that [don't] cost a fortune”.

“Customers are attracted to the brand because it’s authentic, but it’s never contrived. I never try to be something I’m not,” she commented.

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