Robbie’s Boring Hair

Margot Robbie was wearing her hair limp.


Margot Robbie has to wear her hair “limp” for her upcoming movie.

The Australian actress currently plays feisty Naomi opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

For her next role as Ann in sci-fi flick Z for Zachariah, Margot tones down her appearance, ditching her light blonde hair while doing so.

Speaking about her transformation the stunning star joked about the look she is going for.

“I think it needs to be a mousey brown colour for this role. Keeping it very limp, very of what it is – boring hair!” she laughed to POPSUGAR Australia.

“I need the character to look as young as possible and I tend to look a little younger when my hair is a light brown colour. So we’re going to keep it very not done, and maybe put a brown rinse through it so it looks like a mousey brown.”

Shortly after she made these comments Margot debuted her new brunette locks on her WhoSay page. The 23-year-old beauty is seen grinning at the camera with her thumb up and wearing a cap over her dyed hair.

“First day on set for Z! She ain’t a Duchess no more. (sic)” she wrote to accompany the snap.

While her hair may have undergone a makeover for the part Margot is still taking care of her skin, turning to special services in her home country.

“Our family friends have this skincare line called Qi Beauty and when I’m on the Gold Coast, I always go a Qi facial. It’s very different to anything you’ll find in America and I don’t know, it just makes me all glowy and nice,” she smiled.

When it comes to make-up Margot has some must-have products which she can’t get enough of.

“I use a bit of an assortment of everything. On the make-up side of things, on set they used the Armani foundation on me a lot, and I love a lot of Nars products,” she explained. “There’s also a Lancôme mascara that has a vibrating end – that’s like my absolute obsession. I can’t use any other mascara.”

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