Robyn Lawley: I starved myself

American Ballet Theatre's Opening Night Gala, New York, America - 30 Oct 2013. Got into Starvation


Robyn Lawley once “dabbled in starvation” to lose weight.

The 24-year-old beauty is considered ‘plus-size’ in the industry with her UK size 12 figure. She has appeared in campaigns for Ralph Lauren and Mango and was snapped for the cover of several issues of Vogue magazine.

Although many respect her for her enviable curves, Robyn admits it took her a long time to be comfortable in her own skin.

“People think plus-size models don’t exercise – we do! But it’s about health, not forcing my body to be something it’s not meant to be. Even at my lightest, I just couldn’t get there [to size zero],” she explained in an interview with Clique magazine. “I genuinely really tried. I was counting calories, I was taking diet pills, I was dabbling in starvation… I thought you had to be skinny to be beautiful. And I thought I would never be beautiful at this size.”

Robyn was recently signed by retailer Mango to be the face of their new plus-size range Violetta. She notices a distinct lack of models whose figures don’t conform to the stick-thin stereotype.

“People say, ‘How is she a plus-size model?’ and I’m like, ‘Exactly, this is the point, how am I a plus-size model?’ Fashion designers won’t go past a [US] size two [UK size 6], so there’s no size diversity – just none,” she sighed.

“So there’s a whole no-man’s land of models who are in between the ‘straight size’ and the ‘plus-size’ and they are not working, yet they’ve got these amazing bodies that are completely in proportion… I don’t think anyone should be called plus-size. I think it’s derogatory to anyone – it’s a label. I’m a model; I don’t think I need ‘plus-size’ in front of it.”

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