Roots are Vital

Gucci - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014.Frida Giannini: Roots are essential.

Frida Giannini says Italian fashion is all about roots.

The creative director of Gucci relishes her Italian background and embraces all her country has to offer when it comes to designing and making clothes for one of the biggest fashion houses on the globe.

“For me, Italian fashion is more about roots, about craftsmanship and the factories. There are entire regions of Italy that specialise in leather bags, then there are other places for shoes. In the north it’s more about fabrics, in the south it’s embroidery,” she explained to British magazine Grazia.

“It really is part of the culture. It seems sad to me that we don’t protect that the way the French do.”

France is well known for its haute couture fashion history, but Frida is upset that Italian is less synonymous with a particular trend or fabric.

Although Gucci retains its Italian roots, it has been owned by French luxury goods conglomerate PPR, now Kering, since the late ’90s.

“Fortunately we are doing well, so we can keep all the people who work for us, the Italian factories, the Italian artisans…” Frida said, pleased that the heart of the company can still have a close connection with Italy.

Frida joined Gucci under Tom Ford’s leadership and has likened meeting the designer to being introduced to Madonna.

When Tom left two years later Frida was left upset by his departure.

“I’d left Fendi to work for with him and it was quite heartbreaking. Gucci without Tom Ford was unthinkable. Everybody was under pressure and nobody knew what would happen,” she said.

Three years later Frida was appointed head of the company.

“It was crazy. I hadn’t designed ready-to-wear for years,” she remembered.

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