Rossum: I’m not Hollywood

Saban Community Clinic 37th Annual Dinner Gala - Arrivals. Emmy´s Own Style


Emmy Rossum knows her style isn’t very Hollywood as she doesn’t wear enough “Navajo pendants”.

The 27-year-old actress was born in New York City but spends much of her time on the west coast of America thanks to her job. She hasn’t let her living circumstances affect her fashion sense though, which she’s proud of.

“No. I’m not the beachy California girl, although I do have the little dog. People think I dress weird here. I never have a Navajo pendant on, I don’t wear fringe or a lot of ripped denim or a logo T-shirt of lots of jewellery,” she explained to Company magazine. “I’m more East Coast, but I do think LA has affected me in terms of wearing sunnier colours and prints. I also think individuality has its advantages.”

Emmy prides herself on making her own style choices. She doesn’t have a team advising her on what to wear, which she believes is beneficial when it comes to the red carpet.

“I don’t have a stylist and I love it. I feel like I know my body and know what I like,” she said. “I think I can sometimes get the pieces I want because I’m calling the designer directly. I look at Pinterest for ideas for hair and make-up. It’s like playing pretend – so fun.”

The star has been interested in clothing her whole life and sees fashion as her only real pastime. She loves thinking up new outfits and pores over style magazines whenever she has a spare minute.

“I’ve loved fashion from a young age. I grew up in the opera and that had amazing, creative, imaginative costumes,” she said. “I don’t have that many hobbies. I work and I sing and I like fashion and I read the newspaper and do the crossword puzzle. I spend time looking at fashion magazines and I love it. It’s so fun.”

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