Sagging Breasts | Emma Thompson doesn’t care

As you know I love to show pictures of the stars when they show how human they are.

Today is the Emma Thompson’s turn who dared to expose her breasts naturally without caring that of course they are not perfect.

Large breasts are heavy and they tend to follow the gravity theory.

Look at her on this pic and observe how her large boobs heavy and not as perfectly round as we have got used to see them when it comes to the stars.

Don’t you love her?

The 53 year old actress has a great body shape. The actress was wearing a swim costume yesterday while filming her last film Love Punch yesterday. It was between changing her clothes when she revealed some skin of her breasts (not much) to show that she is a human.

We can admire her bikini body on this red swim costume.

For those who want to see the movie it will be released next year.
Love Punch is a film about a divorced couple who scheme to recover retirement money that was stolen from them.

Women who suffer of sagging breasts sometimes recur to cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of their breasts. In most cases this happens to women with very large breasts. Cosmetic surgeons can perform a breast reduction or a breast lift depending on the individual case of the woman.

I believe it is just good to understand that breasts tend to sag. Large size breasts, age and breastfeeding might contribute to this ‘beauty problem’. Most of those perfect round breasts that celebrities show have implants and that is why they look so perky. Experts say that wearing a bra helps to keep our breast muscles in place.

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