Sandra Choi: Shoes Change Everything

Jimmy Choo and Sandra Choi celebrate the Cruise Collection at No. 8, New York, America - 14 Nov 2013SH  Mixing accesories make you go from one look to another one.


Sandra Choi says shoes have the power to change your look instantly.

The creative director of Jimmy Choo points out that although the brand’s roots lie in red carpet glamour, the shoe giant also produce footwear more suited for day-to-day life.

She claims it’s easy to go from one look to another simply by mixing up accessories.

“It is easy to change your look or persona with a bag and shoes. Often, I do that myself. I drop my child off at school wearing sneakers and a big bag. And within that bag, I will have another bag to go out to lunch.

“And then, I have a couple pairs of shoes in my office. So you can change your look and style instantly. People don’t know that we actually do sneakers and biker boots really well. I want to bring those other facets of the brand to the forefront,” she told WWD.

Sandra confesses that one of the defining moments for the luxury shoe brand was during the Sex and the City craze, when fashionista Carrie Bradshaw – played by Sarah Jessica Parker – lost a Jimmy Choo shoe.

It’s not just women’s footwear that grab Sandra’s attention, she’s also dedicated to creating an “authentic” shoe for men, as well as the possibility of experimenting in other areas of design.

“Men’s shoes have to be authentic. The quality, the luxury and the craftsmanship are so important, and we pay a lot of attention to those things.

“We’ve found that the brand itself is quite elastic, so we can actually branch out and do different things. For the time being, I want to get our perspective right and do things the way I think they should be done. But the name is limitless,” she admitted.

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