Sasha Grey tries to stay away from Plastic Surgery

Sasha Grey Abs and Boobs are natural

When Vicki Hogarth from asked Sasha Grey how she has managed to stay away from having huge boobs during an interview for the porn-star said she will tray to stay away from plastic surgery for as long as she can.

Vicki: you have a model’s body — not a stereotypical porn star body. Why have you stayed away from getting the gigantic boobs and all that we associate with a typical porn star?


I’m really confident. Of course there are times when I think, “God, I would love Christina Hendricks’ body, or I’d love Beyonce’s body.” The truth is, I don’t have that. If I tried to get that, it would look hilarious, and I would look like a blow-up doll. So how have I avoided it? I’m confident with what I have… and I’ve seen a lot of botched jobs to definitely make me want to steer away from that! Maybe if I ever have kids and my breasts drop to my ankles, then maybe I’ll get a breast lift or get an augmentation, but other than that I’m really happy with what I have.

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