Scarlett Johansson Breast Reduction

I have posted images of Scarlett’s breasts (before and after) so we can observe how her boobs increase in size from her early days as a star.

Today what seems to be more popular is how Scarlett’s breast have been reduced.

I receive a lot of questions of people asking me if the 27-year-old actress has gone through surgery to reduce the size of her boobs. I have been doing my research and I was unable to find any official information (only rumors).

From her recent pictures there is not much evidence that can totally show that the actress has removed her implants or at least reduced her bra size.

This is a picture of Scarlett at Avengers Assemble UK premiere (April 2012).

To check out the size of Scarlett’s breasts (you can also admire a normal sweaty armpit) I love pics of stars that show how human they are.

For me Scarlett still looks pretty busty but there are a number of recent pictures where she is not showing off her breasts as she used to…

I have finally found more revealing pics of Scarlett where we could be able to observe if she has or has not reduced the size of her breasts.

These images may say that the NY born actress has had a change on the size of her bra cup.
May 2012 – Met Gala
Breasts Before and After

click on this image and you will be able to see a very large image with lots of details including stretch marks on her breasts.

  • See why Scarlett is more famous now (and it is not because her pics were leaked)
  • The more movies and pictures that I see of Scarlett the more I can tell that her bra size has been reduced.

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    5. I had a breast reduction done, and when I saw the leaked photos of Scarlett topless I thought her breasts looked a lot like mine did for about 1 to 2 years after surgery. It’s not fun when you go out to shop and cute tops look trashy on you or finding a dress or a button up blouse that won’t do up.

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