Scent-sational Launches

VARIOUS.Scent-sational Year for Fragrance


Whether you’re a fan of floral smells or warmer, spicy tones, 2014 is shaping up to be a scent-sational year for fragrance.

The New Year will beckon a whole host of perfume launches, including new scents from fashion houses Burberry and Versace – as well as from the likes of Beyoncé Knowles.

So, what can we expect in terms of scent trends?

“The New Year and Spring/Summer season always marks a move toward lighter fragrances more suited to sunny days, and 2014 is no exception,” says Miri Scott, fragrance insight manager at Seven Scent.

“Inspired by farmers’ markets and flower stalls, we’ll see a return to summery accords which this time feature fresh strawberry, delicate rose and gentle hints of sweet gourmand aromas,” she predicts, identifying three key fragrance accords which are likely to be strongly evident in the Spring/Summer collections of 2014.

She pinpoints rose, strawberry and gourmand notes as major players in 2014 launches.

“Offering a modern twist on tradition, the floral rose scent gives a light and refreshing direction, enhanced by feminine fruity notes and accents of musk,” explains Miri.

“Meanwhile, sweet and juicy strawberry gives a distinctive fruity-green aroma with sublime flowery and spicy nuances and a hint of caramel.

“Gourmand scents will continue to have influence but the new season sees a subtle suggestion of caramel and chocolate,” she adds.

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