Schiffer: I Never Noticed Drugs

Claudia Schiffer launches Rodenstock Eyewear Collection at the International trade fair for optics and design, Munich, Germany - 10 Jan 2014. Never Noticed Drugs.

Claudia Schiffer was so “innocent” she never realised people around her were taking drugs.

The model rose to worldwide prominence in the late ’80s after being scouted in Düsseldorf, in her native Germany.

Although one of the best-known models of ’90s, Claudia says the parties and fame that came with her status didn’t interest her.

“I didn’t really go to the parties – I’d go home after the shows. A lot of bad things can happen at fashion parties, but I wasn’t aware of that at the time. I was so innocent. I wasn’t aware that people were taking drugs around me and I was never offered anything. And I didn’t like the taste of cigarettes or alcohol,” Claudia told Britain’s Marie Claire magazine.

As part of the elite group of supermodels in the ’90s, Claudia conquered the fashion industry along with people like Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigová and Helena Christensen.

They made it on to the pages of tabloid magazines as well as walking the runways, but Claudia says the industry has completely changed now.

“We dominated because it was all about fashion models then. Actors and singers weren’t in campaigns or on the covers of fashion magazines. I do think that girls are coming through, but there’s so much more competition these days and so many more collections. A model can be successful for two seasons and then gone,” she explained.

Reminiscing about her modelling heyday, Claudia says shoots would involve champagne and wine with people not overly concerned about their budgets.

“The difference is that today it’s very professional; people don’t want to waste time and are always thinking about the budget. Back then it was more theatrical, there was champagne everywhere, everyone hung out.

“On shoots someone would open a bottle of red wine at lunch. There was a lot more personalities in the ‘90s – wonderfully creative, no boundaries, that Isabella Blow craziness. The flair of the ‘90s is missing now,” she added.

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