Sean Paul’s Junk Diet

NRJ Music tour, Nancy, France - 15 Oct 2013. Sean Paul chicken or chicken cordon bleu [are my comfort foods]. Sean Paul likes eating healthily.


Sean Paul eats too much junk food while on the road.

The reggae singer binges on fatty food when he’s touring, but has a much more sophisticated pallet when he’s back home.

Although he has a diet rich in chicken, it’s red meat that the 41-year-old star would choose for his last meal.

“Rotisserie chicken or chicken cordon bleu [are my comfort foods]. I like eating healthily because I eat so much bad foods when I’m on the road.

“I’d order a T-bone steak for sure [for my last meal], only the juiciest and most expensive,” he laughed to Britain’s Now magazine.

Listing his dream dinner guests in the food-based chat, Sean said he’d love to cook for George Bush, Sigourney Weaver, Nicki Minaj and Pink.

He’d make one of his signature dishes, which includes a chickpea curry that his vegetarian mother taught him how to cook.

“I eat pretty much anything. I couldn’t bring myself to eat any sort of reptile though. That’s where I draw the line,” he laughed.

“I once made a coconut shrimp curry; that was pretty special. Although I haven’t cooked for a lady in a long time.”

Growing up in Jamaica, Sean had a varied diet, which included some British dishes that his English grandmother introduced him too.

“She used to make us bubble and squeak and bangers and mash. She told me about fish and chips but I didn’t try it until I was much older. I like it, but without too much batter,” he revealed.

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