Seasonal Hair Colours

VARIOUSColour  your hair at this time of year.


With a change of season comes a reason to change your hair colour. When fall/winter sets in why not swap your natural shade for something different?

There are lots of options to choose from but before diving straight in it’s probably best to get a professional opinion on what colours are all the rage.

“Clients tend to go slightly darker and warmer in colour at this time of year. Coppers, plums and chestnut browns are popular for these seasons and people who are generally blonde and highlighted tend to have some low lights put through such as the above colours,” London hairdresser Emily Donovan explains.

Another thing you need to check ahead of the dying process is whether your chosen colour will suit your complexion. It’s best to opt for a shade which will complement your overall look and give a natural finish. The last thing you want is to have hair which looks as though it’s meant for someone else entirely – you want a shine that will have people wondering what your locks used to look like before.

“It is important to consider people’s skin tones when picking out colours. People who have a warmer complexion usually go for warm browns and copper reds, whereas with people who have paler skin we would use colours such as ash browns and mahogany reds,” Emily advises.

“You really should determine what the best choice is beforehand as if a colour is too warm on a person who has a cool skin tone, it can make them look pale or sallow skinned. People also tend to go for an all over colour such as a tint or a semi gloss in winter. Highlights and blondes are still popular but as I said people tend to tone down a little this time of year.”

You needn’t make this a permanent change – temporary hair dyes are the best way to experiment without lasting effects. If you don’t want your colour to wash out too quick with a semi-permanent product Emily also has a way to tackle that.

“A colour protective shampoo will be suitable to maintain the colour and protect against the free radicals in the air, even though in some places there is less sun this time of year. Cheap shampoo brands can fade colour fastest than professional products,” she recommends.

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