The Secret Diet of Joan Collins for an amazing body at 80

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Joan Collins could never eat a hamburger.

The British actress still looks fabulous at 80 years old and continues to show off her trim figure on the red carpet.

One of the ways she stays in shape is by eating healthily.

“I don’t eat red meat and I eat very little fish,” she revealed to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“I’d never eat something like a hamburger, I just couldn’t. I am also very much about protein control. If somebody serves me a plate of food, I’ll only eat two thirds of it.”
Joan Collins full body | Wearing a black outfit

Joan prides herself on being able to do the splits at her age.

She still practises regularly to stay on top of her fitness.

“I can still do them… Just about!” she laughed.

“My personal trainer is always making me do them. My grandmother taught me how to do them when she was in her seventies. It was just something women did back then, although it was considered to be quite racy.”

Joan has been married five times and is currently with husband Percy Gibson, who is 32 years her junior.

The star thinks her youthful attitude helped bag her man.

“You’re only as old as you feel,” she smiled.

“That’s why I exercise three times a week, I make sure I can still do the splits and I’m careful about what I eat.”

Her continued status as a fashionista means Joan has made many stylish friends.

There were even rumours she was planning a holiday with Brit model Kate Moss.

“No, we haven’t planned to go on holiday,” she clarified.

“She told me she loves the South of France so I suggested she stayed with me when she goes next.”

Karina talks: The example of this beautiful lady is great for us women: it looks like there is no secrets, the same boring thing that we already know is the secret for her beauty at 80: healthy diet, small portions and exercise are the 3 things that the 3 things that you have to do for an amazing body.

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