My self-pictures helped me to appreciate my Beauty

Are you the kind of person who finds it hard to accept your beauty when you look at yourself in a picture?

Is it easy for you to spot lots of imperfections when you check out your pictures?

Is it that you prefer not to have a look to those pictures where you appear because you find it hard to accept that the person in the portrait is you?

Maybe you are answering YES to a few of the questions above and that was me sometime ago. As you might know I have spent a few years now in my crusade of helping women to accept themselves. Of course to help others I had to start with myself. We all have some issues with our flaws. We all tend to compare our beauty with the beauty of those gorgeous celebrities who seem perfect in glossy magazines and at the red carpet photoshootings. The truth is that they are not as perfect as they are when they are out and about.

Most importantly I have learned to accept myself and even more than that I have learned to appreciate my beauty.

My self-pictures have been a great tool to be happy with myself.

Karina Guerra takes a self picture
Karina Guerra smiles in a self-picture with almost no make up at all. She is learning to appreciate her real beauty through her self-portraits.

10 Things that I learned from my self-portraits

1. I am unique
2. The person I see in those pictures is me and I have to love her
3. I am different
4. I don’t have to look like a celebrity
5. I don’t have to be perfect
6. I should be proud of being myself
7. My smile makes me prettier
8. I should not compare myself with anybody
9. I am proud of where I come from
10. I am pretty

The problem for women is that we get to see our pictures and we start to look at our flaws, things that we don’t like about us, things that we would like to change. We don’t feel comfortable with those images, it is hard to accept that the woman in the picture is you. I learned that even if it is not my best shot, even if I don’t look like a star, that is me and I should be proud of myself, happy with myself and have fun with the way I look.

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