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Serena Williams’ fashion label reflects her “complex simplicity”.

The tennis star is preparing to re-launch Aneres – her name spelt backwards – next year. Serena is proud of her latest collection, which focuses on ready-to-wear casual pieces and swimsuits. She believes the looks sum up her sense of style perfectly.

“Aneres is for the independent woman who works, enjoys life and is at the prime of her life,” she told 'Good Morning America' TV show, New York, America - 09 Sep 2013. “It’s designed with fine quality and personality in mind and it reflects my style at its best: complex simplicity.”

Serena also spoke about her deal with Nike. The sportswear giant works with the top ranked woman in singles tennis to create her outrageous outfits, which never fail to spark debate.

“The team at Nike are amazing. We work closely together on the designs and colours of my on-court outfits. They know me and understand my needs and know I love to mix up and clash colours,” she said. “They understand my love of classic lines and work with my shape. My look on the court is very much who I am. It’s one avenue where I can express my love of fashion and love of design.”

As well as collaborating with Nike and OPI nail varnish, Serena has also signed a deal to be a brand ambassador for Australian underwear empire Berlei.

Although she has been sewing since she was three and has taken a fashion design course, the 32-year-old doesn’t know if she will pursue a full-time career in fashion once her tennis career ends.

“I’m not sure if I would do it full-time, but it is a serious interest and something I will do more of when I finish playing professionally. But that’s a while off as I’m loving my tennis,” she smiled.

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