How to get the sexy look of the Stars

Miranda Kerr opening her car in skinny jeans

This is sexy Miranda Kerr, get ready to see many more pictures of celebrities that look sexy with their clothes on.

So far in our Sydney4women Blog we have more than 5,000 pictures of the stars. Can you imagine how many I have seen to be able to share with you all these many?

The celebrities world is a hard world. I bet you think of a star as a perfect woman. That is the look that the work hard to give away. The pictures that most poeple see of their favourite stars are all retouched by glossy magazines or with perfect make up and hair styles at the Red Carpet Events.

The truth is that these famous women are just normal women like you and me. So when they are not at the Red Carpet or working or posing for a photoshooting their looks are not over the top.

There is a common trait however that I observe in these celebrities: They walk out with confidence and they look sexy regardless of what they wear.

The celebrity world is very competitive and the stars love to get attention so we get to see them in their daring and transparent outfits and in most cases if there is skin involved there is a sex appeal. However in all the pictures below there is no inch of skin showcasted and I still can see that sex appeal on these pretty ladies. Some of them don’t even have their hair or make up done and they still appeal as sexy icons.

Is it the attitude?

I believe it is the attitude and the confidence. They have learned how to be sexxy but they also believe they are. They feel desired and attractive, even when they are not perfect so they reflect that on their everyday looks.

I believe that self-confidence is a one thing that we can learn from the celebrities.

Fake it an you will make it. Many of these famous faces started like this, just faking self-confidence until they ended up believing they were sexy and attractive. So from now on feel you are attractive, if you are in doubt fake it and just pose like the stars.

Enjoy the pictures below and learn how these women can breath the air of “I am sexy” you can breath that same air without paying the price of flying all the way to Hollywood.

Willa Holland Cover her curves for the red carpetSiena Miller's SExy and Cheeky Face

Willa Holland’s attitude didn’t need of a low cut dress

Sienna Miller looks cheeky

At any age you can look sexy. Think Sharon Osbourne even when she is fully covered she seems attractive.

Kristen Bell Sexy Attitude in Winter Clothes

Sharon Osbourne Sexy Mature Lady

Kristen Bell Sexy Attitude in winter clothes

Vanessa Hudgens inspires confidence in sexy pose
Katherine McPhee | Attractive celebrity

Vanessa Hudgens inspires confidence & Katherine MccPhee looks attractive

Do you agree that being sexy is more an attitude?

More pictures of attractive and confident woman in the gallery below

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