The Sexy Mummies in Hollywood

There is one thing that I admire from Hollywood Stars that are mums.

I have been myself on the journey of becoming a mother and feeling that the world stops for me. Little by little you are more involved in your mummy issues that you forget that you are not only a mother but a woman too.

So we start developing new thoughts that we manage to believe.

Things such as:

= I am very busy right now
= I cannot look after myself now, my kids require all my attention
= Nobody cares about my appearance
= All other mothers are the same

And all of the above might be true but we forget one important thing:

= We are important
= We are still women even if we are mothers
= Our appearance matters and not only for the rest of the world but for us

So, don’t allow yourself to forget about looking good and being sexy.

Yes, it is a challenge but you can manage if you give it a priority in your life.

Balance is the key:

Baby is important = Mother is important

Even if it is only a few minutes (the same amount of time that it takes you to go to the toilet) do something to improve your image.

3 Tips that will help you feel sexy instantly:

= Your hair talks
= Lipstick puts you in touch with your feminine side
= Clothes can make you feel sexy

At the end it is all about being HAPPY WITH MYSELF!

A sexy mum: Alessandra Ambrosio

This is Alessandra Ambrossio, a sexy mum in Hollywood.

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