Sexy & Unreal Underwear that top model show off

The most important underwear fashion show of the year took place this week.

We are talking about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. This is an event full of magic, full of glamour and full of beauty.

It is aimed to stimulate our senses: beautiful faces, amazing bodies and incredible underwear attires go on the show.

This is the dream come true for a model: to be selected to be part of this show.

In my mission to promote positive body image I have had a journey with this show. In my early stages it made me upset to see all these perfect bodies that only 1% of the population have.

In my later stages I have learned that underwear and clothes are definitely part of our feminine self-confidence.

Today, I understand it totally different, this is a show, this is entertainment, ideally we could admire the beauty and the magic of it, even appreciate the beauty of these gorgeous models without negative connotations for our own body image.

I wonder if we could admire this and take it only as an entertainment activity and stop feeling bad about ourselves only because there are other women who have that paid job of looking gorgeous and super slim.

After many years of observing pictures of celebrities I have learned a few things:

1. celebrities also have imperfections
2. top models pay an expensive price to be this slim
3. these beautiful girls look like this because they have a whole army behind them making them look this pretty

In the meantime, we women are curious and this is why sydney4women is sharing with you the pictures of these famous stars at the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret 2014 Top Show.

2013 Victoria`s Secret Fashion Show
Izabel Goulart

Best picture of Candice Swanpoel wearing sexy underwear
Candice Swanpoel

Alessandra Ambrosio in sexy underwear

Alessandra Ambrossio

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