Longchamp Regent Street Grand Opening Party - Arrivals. People likes Simplicity.


Rupert Sanderson is pleased that fashion is “calming down”.

The designer is known for his elegant footwear and his shoes have adorned the feet of celebrities including Emma Stone and Emmy Rossum.

He’s always believed less is more and is glad that other designers are coming round to his way of thinking.

“I like the fact that things have calmed down a bit, and it feels like people are reacting more to simplicity,” he admitted to WWD.

“One of the styles coming through for fall ’14 is a pointed flat. Americans call it a skimmer. The last is something I have worked on for a long time, but [for fall I have done] a slight variation using fluorescent vinyl.

“These sorts of things – that tightness of silhouette, that slightly 1950s [look] and a modernist feel rather than being overpowering – are so understated, yet when people get it, it’s great. [Platforms] still have a place, and when that cycle was en vogue, it was great fun working on it, but what’s inspiring me at the moment is going back to [the idea that] less is more.”

Last year, Rupert teamed up with Antonio Berardi to create a three-piece collection for Net-A-Porter.

The fashion star revealed the secret to a successful design partnership.

“You’ve got to work with people with whom you genuinely share some sort of design aesthetic, so the conversation is two people speaking the same language. You can’t just say, ‘Eh, they’re famous, so we’ll make a shoe,’ or ‘They’re big and we’re small.’ It never works like that because it’s a very one-sided arrangement. If it’s just a marketing exercise, I glaze over quickly. The trick to collaborating is actually collaborating,” he said.

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