Plus Size Girls Are Now on Fashion!

It looks like Plus-Size models are on demand now. I was just reading at the NYPOST that Kaela Humphries (the sister of Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband) has just signed a contract as a model.

Kaela Humphries, the sister of New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries, has signed on to Ford Models’ plus-size division.
“The division that brought you Crystal Renn, Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine and Marquita Pring among others is excited at the prospect of bringing this beautiful, engaging young woman to markets worldwide,” the agency said in a press release. “A true size 16-18, Kaela will be in a league of her own.”
Humphries has modeling experience on her resume. She previously was signed with Wilhemina Models and made her debut on the catwalk in a Richie Rich show during New York Fashion Week last fall.

There are other plus size ladies that are becoming famous.

Laura Caterrall is the latest plus-size model to hit France, flaunting her fabulous hourglass figure on the cover of French Cosmopolitan’s April issue.

Laura works for the model management company 12+ UK, blue-eyed. The brunette model has previously worked with magazines including Marie Claire, Vogue and debuted at London Fashion Week 2010 for knitwear designer Mark Fast.

Sarah Watkinson is the founder of 12+ UK. Since forming the company in 2000 Ms Watkinson has more than 37 models on her books.

Last month French Elle also placed a plus-size model on their cover in the form of Tara Lynn.

Are Plus Size Models the new trend?

Are advertising agencies realising that we (women) want to see real bodies of real women in glossy magazines?

Sources: DailyMail and NYPost

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