Plus Size Women Will Have A New Clothing Line Option Brought to you by Rebel Wilson

Today FM network is telling us that Rebel Wilson, has created an edgy clothing line that’s set to take a cheeky spin from her inspirational characters of her acting career.

Fat Mandi, which has two current clothing alternatives ranging from sizes “12 to a beauteous size 18,” will feature a light blue shirt with cupcakes, and a pink shirt with donuts on it, designed strategically to sit over the chest.

Having originally derived an idea from her memorable Pitch Perfect character, Fat Amy, Rebel says they’re perfect… anywhere and everywhere.

“They are excellent T’s for horizontal running or just bludging [Australian slang for relaxing] on the couch,” she tweeted.

Rebel Wilson exercising in new clothing line tells us a little bit more about the clothing line:

SHE’S hot in Hollywood so it’s fitting that Rebel Wilson has joined the well-trodden path of actors turned fashion designers.
The Aussie star has a cheeky T-shirt line, billed as “not for skinny bitches”.

Wilson’s sartorial spin-off is under the name Fat Mandi, recalling the character “Fat Mandi” she performed on Australian sketch TV comedy, “The Wedge”, and more recently, “Fat Amy” from “Pitch Perfect”.

The line only includes two pastel styles – one pink with two strategically-placed cartoon doughnuts, and a pale blue tee with pink cupcakes.

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