Skin Care Tips of Leighton Meester

“I take very good care of my skin, I take off all my make-up, I wear very minimal make-up, if any, especially on my days off,” she says. “When I eat well and protect my skin from the sun, I always look a lot better.”

We have covered before what Leighton Meester does to look and feel sexy but this time we are quoting her beauty secrets for a pretty skin.

The star also told Glamour MAgazine UK how she started becoming dependant on make up and how she relearned to be comfortable with her bare face.

“When I got older, I was going to auditions every day and I just started wearing make-up,” she says. “The more and more you wear it the more you feel you need it. So I just started wearing more and more, and I started not to recognise my face without it. If I have to wear it every day it becomes very unglamorous, getting your make-up done, so I started to wear less and accept how I look without it.”

I loved that the star talked about one of the things that I always say:

Beautiful women at the red carpet have a big team behind them to help them achieve the amazing look they show when they snapped.

I love to experiment when it comes to hair and make-up for red carpet,” she tells us. “That’s the time when I’m really excited to wear make-up and get my hair done and just capture a look and put a story together with my look.”

“The thing is, every time I try to do my own hair and makeup, it never turns out the way I think it will,”

Leighton Meester Pretty Skin and Fake Eyelashes

“But when it’s for red carpet, I have an artist doing my hair and make-up and that’s always nice, to hand over the trust to them and experiment.”

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