Jessica Alba Before and After

Click to enlarge all the pictures you see hereJessica Alba Boob Job

Jessica Alba is famous but not perfect.

She is pretty but is not as perfect as glossy magazines show her face to the world.

These before and after pictures show how she might have gone under cosmetic surgery to reshape her nose. Jessica Alba Pictures taken in 2011 show how has some skin imperfections.

She is also another celebrity with facial moles (not that there is something wrong with moles)

As you know I am passionate about beauty treatments and I believe all women in the world should see real pictures of celebrities to see that they are not perfect.

It has been proven that women’s self-esteem is affected by perfect pictures of Hollywood Stars.

The pressure for them is hard too. They are real women, not dolls so they will suffer of course from ageing and skin imperfections.

What about Breast Enlargement?

These pictures suggest that Jessica Alba has got some small breast implants through cosmetic surgery.

She didn’t go for the large size but it looks like she did go under plastic surgery to make her boobs look bigger.

We have also analysed Emmanuelle Chriqui who has gone through breast enlargement too.
See picturesHas she got a boob job?

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Jessica Alba Before and After — 2 Comments

  1. all I see here is that she has very good skin. she is truly beautiful even though she tries to spoil it at times by dying her hair blonde and wearing fringes which really don’t suit her.

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