Skin Saviours

Skin saviours. Hydrating serum helps your skin.


While it’s tempting to think that it’s possible to sacrifice sleep in favour of nights out with friends or to finish off that major work project and still look good, the reality is less rest can quickly show on your face. Burning the candle at both ends can have a dramatic effect on your skin’s tone and texture, but don’t worry it is reversible. Here we look at some easy ways to boost a tired complexion and get you looking fabulous again.

First up – don’t ditch the sleep. The hours you spend in bed are when your skin is at its busiest as it is repairing itself, so it’s important you get your rest. Boost your complexion even more by picking overnight products with ingredients to help your skin complaints. Hyaluronic acid helps dry skin look plumper and if this is your problem we recommend Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydration Masque. This is formulated to help skin hold onto moisture and really works. We put it on before bed and woke to skin which felt softer and was visibly plumper.

If your skin needs more protection go for products high in antioxidants, while if you want a brighter complexion you need to hunt out retinol.

Whatever your skin type, using a hydrating serum will drastically change how it looks if you’re overtired. Bioderma Hydrabio Serum provides an intense moisture hit for skin which is looking tired and dull. It was created for people whose skin has been affected by stress, pollution and climate problems and the gel consistency is quickly absorbed.

Make-up artist Liz Pugh recommends going for products which hydrate and boost radiance such as Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm which leaves skin looking glowing and refreshed. Having tested this we found it the perfect base for make-up too. “Opt for formulas that contain Vitamin E, as well as reflective, non-clogging mineral pearlised pigments,” Liz advised British magazine InStyle.

Make-up wise it’s best to keep things simple, as heavy cosmetics can be ageing at the best of times. If you skin is looking tired and less than its best, piling on the slap might just end up drawing attention to your troubled spots. A light base, such as a tinted moisturiser, will help with all-day hydration and use a brightening product under the eyes. Illamasqua’s Skin Base Lift is a good option as the white light shade completely blocks out any under eye colour. You can then add one of the pigmented shades on top to cover circles, plus they work as good a concealer for around the nose as they are creamy and not too heavy. The white light shade doubles as a highlighter and we especially liked it blended along cheekbones.

One clear giveaway is the lack of colour in overwrought skin, so don’t skip the blush shade. Too bright will make it obvious you’re compensating though, so instead go for an easily blendable cream version in an apricot shade such as Topshop Head Over Heels. This gives a subtle flush of colour without being too over the top and makes wearers look healthy.

Liz advises going for a bold lip to draw attention away from tired peepers. “Curl lashes to open up your eyes,” she added. “Then apply a navy or brown mascara instead of your usual black for a softer, less contrasty look.”

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