Skinny at nearly 40

It is believed that women who are turning 40 find it hard to burn that excess fat. Some women famous and unfamous just don’t care about age and they are always slim.

This is the case of Vanessa Paradis who is 39 and she looks very slim. She has always been very slim so for her it might not be hard to stay skinny. There are some women who find it very easy to stay slim.

Let’s not forget that Vanessa has gone through a tough divorce process from famous Johnny Deep.

Another famous lady who is even older that was also seen at the LA Airport showing a beautiful skinny body is Sharon Stone. The famous actress for Basic Instincts proves that even after 50 (Sharon is 54) it is possible to have a slim body shape.

Other famous lady that finds it easy to stay slim is Sarah Jessica Parker. Although everybody knows how much she loves hitting the gym.

My point here is that there are certain bodies that are naturally very slim. For some women it is not hard to be skinny. The same as for other women who are naturally curvy find it just not easy to go from curvy to super skinny. Embracing our bodies is the best thing we can do and show the best of them all the time. So if you are skinny be proud of it, if you are curvy embrace it too! Be proud of yourself and find ways to look your best at all times.

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