Skinny Arms: How do they look better?

The pressure on looking perfect and having an ideal body shape is always there for all women. Those ladies who are famous and dare to show their body details are subject of criticism. Today was Rachel Zoe’s turn. The stylist of the stars went out on a normal day wearing a singlet and exposing her slim arms. The diaries are now talking about the 40-year-old ‘bony arms’.

Rachel Zoe’s arms revealed her extreme weight loss after birth.

What is the perfect shape for the female arms?

We have also seen pics of other famous women such as Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker (even Jennifer Aniston) who have been criticised for their bulky arms.

Too Buffy
Cameron Diaz a few months ago was criticized for her strong arms.

Madonna’s arms are not popular either among the beauty community.

Too slim and and too strong are not very popular!

Let’s have a look to the arms of other popular stars.

In the same age gap:

This is the famous Heidi Klum who is nearly 40 (38 to be exact).

In a younger generation:

Lindsay Lohan goes shopping and shows off her freckley arms that don’t go through extreme exercise.

In a crazier style:

Lady Gaga doesn’t seem to worry too much about doing body building exercises to reshape her arms.

Lady Gaga at the MTV Awards

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