Slim Again? Christina Aguilera Proves It is Possible!

I don’t think Christina Aguilera will be skinny one day. Her body is quite curvy and that is alright. We are all different and we don’t all have to be super skinny.

People kept saying that beautiful Christina was fat and that she was never going to get back into her previous body shape.

The gorgeous singer proves it is possible to be slim again.

We can see her on this picture published by US Weekly that shows Christina Aguilera accepting a tribute award from the National Council of La Raza ALMA Awards in Pasadena, Calif. Sept. 16.

If you ever want to look slimmer without dieting copy Christina: wear a long black dress and it will make you look much more slimmer. Find a way to highlight your waist to define your feminine body shape regardless of your size. It works!

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