Slim Legs VS Thick Legs

I find a kind of a contradiction in the beauty standards. Women are meant to be skinny and leggy at the same time. (And I am not mentioning that in order to be considered hot we also must have big boobs).

The thing is that most women that are skinny cannot be leggy and have large breasts.

Isn’t it all related to your Body Mass Index and the amount of fat that your body has.

Let’s have a look to the following celebrities and observe how the rule is: skinny body = skinny legs.

Amber Rose

Blake Lively

Bai Ling

Deena Nicole

Camilla Belle

My point is that we are all different and pretty in our own shapes. We should forget about the pressure of looking like someone else and just learning to enjoy who we are. At the end it is all about being happy with ourselves.

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