Looking Slimmer Tip #1: It’s all about hour posture

Miranda's Posture makes her look slimmer & taller

Miranda Kerr knows it well and she makes the most of it. The Australian Model knows it is all about the posture.
Can you see how she looks slimmer and taller be standing up straight and tall.

Miranda Kerr''s sexy pose
Even on a picture where she is lying down the Aussie super model shows her perfect posture so her beautiful breasts can stand out and we don’t get to see extra kilos that she doesn’t have.

Our bad posture adds visual extra kilos. Watch out your posture and you will look much more slimmer without having to do any exercise. It is not that I am against exercise, I actually believe that exercise improves your posture. I just tell you this secret that will make you look taller straight away without having to go through diets or tough exercise routines.

If you are intereseted about improving your posture try pilates to strengthen your core and stand taller.

You can check out Miranda’s beautiful posture below. Another trick that Miranda is using here are those nude colour shoes that make her legs look longer (therefore she looks slimmer and taller).

Miranda doesn't shows a perfect flat stomach in a red dress

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