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It may sound like a cross between an old wives’ tale and a beauty regime from a fantasy movie, but snake venom is the latest must have product to slather on your face. Well, OK not actual snake venom but a peptide that mimics the activity of the venom found in the Temple Viper. If we haven’t scared you enough yet, keep reading to see what makes this cream so special.

Dubbed ‘Botox in a bottle’ Syn-ake works at freezing lines and wrinkles in the same way as Botox. Only with this there are no invasive injections, and no hefty price tag attached. This is an affordable and effective way to banish those lines.

The chemical has been hailed as the ultimate advancement in anti-ageing technology and relaxes facial muscles to reverse and prevent deep wrinkles.

There are plenty of products on the shelf that now contain Syn-ake and they can range from bargain buys to luxury goods.

Rodial’s Glamoxy Snake Serum is great for minimising the appearance of expression lines. Some people are fond of theirs as they remember all the good times they smiled and laughed about, which ultimately left their mark on their face. But not all of our lines come from happy memories. Some are caused by stress, so for these use this luxurious serum. The unique Temple Viper-inspired serum is hydrating and the added Proturon will soon lift and plump the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For an instant glowing and radiant complexion pick yourself up a bottle.

Transformulas Radiant Lift Mask puts the bite back into your skin. The exfoliating mask has been proven to clear away the dead damaged skin that causes your complexion to look aged and dull. With its fruit-acid treatment and Syn-ake technologies, this beauty must have is a hit with those tackling fine lines and wrinkles.

Nip+Fab Viper Venom Body Serum is a great product for all over the body, and concentrates on areas other than just your face. The nourishing body serum has age-defying Syn-ake peptide + skin tightener to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and tighten skin. Skin has a silky soft finish, and looks tighter and lifted so it’s great for any wobbly bits.

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