Breast Reduction: Sofia Vergara Says NO!

‘I’m very proud of my body and the way I look. I would be ungrateful to be saying, ‘Oh, I’m so mad because people just look at me and see my pretty face.’
‘I thank God for what he has given me and I take advantage of it…

‘At the beginning it was hard, and she (my publicist) used to tell me, ‘Maybe you should get to a more normal, standard size.’’
But in the end it was her proud mum who persuaded her to leave them be, telling her that many women were desperate to have a 32F chest.
Sofia added: ‘(My mom said), ‘God is going to punish you, you can’t chop your boobs out. It’s crazy. All the women are risking their life (sic) to get boobs.’ So I didn’t do it.’

Sofia’s breasts were not as big as they look now according to our before and after pictures.

Do you think that big bra size Sofia wears now is a product of Cosmetic Surgery?

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