Sofia Vergara Dressing Tips & Beauty Secrets to look Gorgeous!

Sofia Vergara loves fashion and she loves attention too.

Normally her outfits are highly fashionable and in most cases she would make the most of her provocative curves. I have lots of pictures of the Colombian Star wearing different outfits. Let’s have a look.

Sofia Vergara shows off curves in a  Donna Karan Atelier

Sofia Vergara shows off curves in a Donna Karan Atelier

This is a gala gown that Sofia selected for a Red Carpet event this 2013 and as always her big breasts were showcasted.

Sofia Vergara Hair from Dark to Light

Sofia Vergaras Very Large Breasts: Natural or Implants?

Sofia has different assets but she tries to make the most of her big boobs and gorgeous long hair.

Sofifa Vergara Wears Red Nail Polish

The Colombian actress aims for perfection so she pays attention to small details like her beautiful nails.

Her accessories are one thing that will always catch your attention.

Sofia Vergara's Great Accesories

Sofia Vergara

Even with jeans the actress of modern family seems to have it right.

Another thing about Sofia is that she pays a lot of attention to her pretty smile.

Sofia Vergara

She always seem to have perfectly white teeth.

Sometimes Sofia goes for more daring outfits. Like these images that show her provocative see through outfits.

Sofia Vergara in Transparent Leggings

Sofia Vergara in Transparent Top

one more important thing the actress and super model loves her make up and expensive items. She even tweets pictures of herself.

Sofia Vergara Tweets Pictures of herself

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