Sonia Rykiel CEO puts faith in da Conceiçao

Geraldo da Conceiçao

Sonia Rykiel’s CEO “believes in” its new creative director.

Geraldo da Conceiçao was announced as the head designer of the brand in 2012, taking over from April Crichton.

Chief executive officer of Sonia Rykiel, Eric Langon, has faith in Geraldo, even if taking over the world with the fashion house isn’t a quick process.

“For us, the challenge today is not so much to win a huge number of customers, but rather to capitalise on the influential new customers that we have won,” Eric said to WWD.

“I strongly believe in Geraldo. I think what he is trying to do for the house is very ambitious and will necessarily take a little time.”

With the New Year approaching, Eric and the company have hatched plans for 2014.

Eric already has his eye set on certain areas where he believes their stores could do well.

“We are planning to open stores in key locations where we were not necessarily present until now,” he explained.

“2013 has been as rich as it has been complicated, because organisations have to adapt when there is a new strategy. I am confident for 2014, because the openings are there, the contracts are there. There are some markets where, to be honest, it’s still a work in progress.”

The main areas the brand is focussing on are Europe and Asia.

It’s also planned to relaunch e-commerce for spring 2014, after the website was shut down in 2011.

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