Spears’ Style Tips

Britney Spears at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, America - 03 Dec 2013.Britney Believes Self-assurance. 


Britney Spears’ top style tip is confidence.

The singer is a regular at red carpet events and manages to look relaxed when posing for photographs.

“It’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it,” she told a UK TV show. “I just be myself, I just see what comes.”

Britney went on to discuss how she prepares for a high-profile event. She usually sticks to a dark colour palette and puts faith in her stylists to ensure she turns heads.

“My trick, I love black. I am a huge fan of black,” she revealed. “And I have a really great hair and make-up team to help me get ready.”

The 32-year-old blonde is renowned for experimenting with clothes and hair colour in her music videos. Britney loves changing her appearance and says her career is the perfect place to test different looks out.

“As you perform, it’s fun to play with characters and I feel like bringing characters to life is great,” she smiled.

The popstar believes her Las Vegas residency, which kicked off yesterday, will be the perfect opportunity to continue pushing boundaries with her hair and wardrobe.

“Yes it has always been my dream to come here. To just have one place to come to every night instead of staying at different hotels,” Britney explained. “The show is amazing.”

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