What makes you special?

The fact that you are different to everybody else is what makes you special.

Don’t try hard to look like someone else.

There is nothing wrong on watching how celebrities dress o what kind of make up they wear to see what is on fashion now but you should never try to be like someone else, instead try to be yourself and make the most of your strengths.

We are so lucky to live in Australia where there is women from many different backgrounds and where there is no only one beauty standard accepted.

Embrace your beauty

You don’t have to be blond or tall. Whatever your features are you are pretty. Even among Hollywood stars we see famous celebrities who have dark hair and eyes as well as faces with green and blue eyes.

Find a way on how you can look at your best and don’t be afraid of showing the things that make you special.


You can use an affirmation that will help you feel special:

“I am different and special”

I show you some pictures of different beauty types to show you how we can all be pretty being different.

Halle Berry
Halle Berry

Beckinsale and Biel
Beckinsale and Biel

Jesscia Alba
Jessica Alba

Christina Applegate
Christina Appeglate

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