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Lindsay Ellingson’s exercise essential is a good sport bra.

The 29-year-old beauty has modelled for the likes of Gucci, Christian Dior and lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret.

Part of her career is to look good in the label’s pieces and Lindsay makes sure to undertake regular work out sessions. When doing so there is one must-have item which she relies on.

“It’s essential for me to have a good sport bra. I love the VS Sport line because there’s so many cute styles and colours and they offer various levels of support so you can find the perfect bra for your workout. My favourite is the Angel!” she explained to

“Also, I like to have make-up wipes and rose water spray to refresh my skin after class. And finally I bring my Lifefactory glass water bottle with me to all my yoga classes, as it’s important to stay hydrated and be good to our planet.”

Lindsay continued to reveal how she stays motivated and dedicated to keeping in shape. She shared one activity which she finds stimulating enough to undertake frequently.

“Yoga is a practice that I love! I go to a small studio called Yoga 216, the teachers are all so different and incredibly dedicated to their work,” she added. “Every month we focus on a new pose, so I’m constantly challenging my body and mind.”

It isn’t just the actual exercise which the blonde star focuses on. Lindsay has a special way of refuelling after a tiring schedule, which involves a healthy mix of foods.

“My favourite way to re-energise after a workout is to make a fresh smoothie. Right now I love to mix fresh berries, a banana, kale, Greek yogurt and almond milk – it tastes amazing!” she gushed.

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