Stacey Keibler Exercise Secrets

What is Stacey Keibler Exercise Routine?

No Routine! Stacey Gets Bored Easily!

“I get bored easily so I love to switch it up. I will do everything. I will hike, I will run the stairs wherever I am, I will find some outdoor activity to do. I have a trainer. I do Pilates. I like to change it up. I like to work my whole body and also keep my mind stimulated.”

What about her diet?

George Clooney’s girlfriend confessed Shape Magazine: “Health, fitness and wellness have been a very big part of my life. So, it’s my lifestyle. If I’m not working out, I have to balance it out and eat a little cleaner that day. I eat as organic as I can. I think that portion control is very important, but I also think in everything in moderation. So I’m not the girl who’s gonna tell you that I never have a little bit of dessert or I don’t have a glass of wine”

Evidence that her exercises efforts work

Not long ago Stacey tweeted a picture of herself showing off her great flat and toned abs that even show a perfect six pack.

The 32-year-old model and actress not long ago claimed that it takes just 18 minutes, four or five times per week, to achieve a body hot enough to capture the attention of George Clooney, her boyfriend (according to Self Magazine).

The truth is that all those women that have beautiful body shapes do work hard to achieve those results. There is no miracle cure (although some of those ladies are naturally lucky to be slim).

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