How to start your own fashion label

If you ever wanted to know what are the kind of things that you have to go through if you want to start your own fashion label I would suggest you to have a read to this story of Hubert de Givenchy who remembers Schiaparelli in his early days.

Hubert de Givenchy remembers how “grumpy and furious” Elsa Schiaparelli was when he wanted to start his own label.
The French designer worked for the late fashion star in his early 20s before helming his own brand in 1952.
Elsa, who passed away in 1973, was unable to adapt to the changes in fashion following World War II and closed her business in 1954.
Speaking at a roundtable event at Christie’s in Paris, Hubert recalled some of his memories with the fashion icon.
“[She had] originality and audacity, [she was] a tall lady with her booties, her suit, her hats and her jewellery,” he told WWD, remembering his time at her house after the war as a “happy” period. “[When I announced I was leaving her to set up my own business] she was grumpy and furious, and told me, ‘You will go bankrupt’.”
Schiaparelli held its first show in 60 years as part of Couture Fashion Week in the French capital earlier this week. Italian leather goods company Tod’s bought the label in 2006 and new creative director Marco Zanini helmed its latest show.
Hubert believes Elsa was ahead of her time with her unique designs and credits her as an influence on his own work.
“It was a time when nobody believed in couture,” he added. “She was very modern.”
Marisa Berenson, granddaughter of Elsa, was wearing an embroidered jacket designed by her relative during the chat. She remembered how her grandmother was against her becoming a model.
“She wanted to protect me, and didn’t want me to have the difficult life that she had. It was difficult to be a single woman at the time, and she was scared,” Marisa said. “She told me: ‘You cannot go out dressed like that; you look like a hooker.’”

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