Stella McCartney uses fashion to stop violence against women

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Stella McCartney has designed a badge to raise awareness of violence against women.

The designer sits on the Kering Foundation board and the multinational holding company supports International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women, which takes place on Monday November 25.

To show she is behind the campaign, Stella has created a limited-edition white ribbon badge to create awareness.

“The global violence statistics against women are horrific and it has inspired me to bring attention to this incredibly important awareness campaign by designing this badge,” she explained to WWD. “I cannot stress enough how important it is that people are aware of the facts and gain information to make changes so desperately needed to end this terrible violence.”

The badges will be handed out to any customer who makes a purchase at one of KeringLuxury Brands’ stores in Europe from Friday November 30.

A white ribbon has been a symbol of the campaign since 1991.

Stella was also a part of the campaign last year, which saw the badge shared with 15 million people on the internet.
Stella McCartney's dress is incredible
The British fashion star is known for involvement with charities and in the past has created a range of T-shirts for UK charity Comic Relief.

Her good-cause pieces were modelled by style icon Kate Moss.

“When I do something like this I just get really involved,” she explained to the British edition of Elle magazine.

“You want to make it the best you can for them, it’s not just, ‘OK here’s your T-shirt, good luck.’ I wanted Kate to do it and… make it as good as we can and be proud of it really.”

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